Rain Gauge is a new Meteorological instrument For Determining The Depth of Precipitation

Rain gauge is really a meteorological instrument for determining the particular depth of precipitation (usually in mm) that occurs over the unit area (usually 1m2) and thus calculating rainfall amount.

One millimetre of assessed precipitation is the equal of one litre of rainfall per metre squared. We offer tipping bucket rainfall gauges, radar rainfall gauges, rain messfühler switches and evaporation sensors, all associated with which are utilized within hydrometeorological monitoring in addition to agriculture.

Rainfall supervising is extremely crucial in wide variety associated with fields such as meteorology, hydrology, culture, forestry, field supervising stations and additional sectors, which permit individuals to prepare within advance.

And we could picture the value of rain gauge. There are different forms of rain evaluate such as wireless rain evaluate, tipping container rain gauge, automated rain gauge station, etc

RIKA offers complete environmental supervising options & meteorological options. In addition to be able to weather train station, we offer the complete type of weather monitoring tools including anemometers, barometers, thermometers, rain gauge, soil sensors, normal water receptors and components, a professional weather checking system.

Yet no matter how rich our own items, it can’t cater to all consumer needs. rain gauge To this specific end, RIKA gives wholele treatment for meet different requirements coming from customers to offer customization providers of OE sensors. After making clear customer needs, we all create bespoke items plus sensor remedies, from product style plus manufacturing to incorporation, to greatest fulfill all the clients requirements.

Rika is a professional sensor manufacturer in addition to solution supplier of weather receptors as well as environment screens regarding environmental monitoring regarding 10+ years. We are devoted to building and providing clever, cost-effective IoT ecological monitoring products and services, including wind flow sensors, solar the radiation sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, rainfall gauges, soil detectors, level sensors, water quality measurement, data loggers and various weather station and monitoring station.

Environmental sensing solutions: air quality sensors are quality of air monitoring devices of which prevent air air pollution damage for health; noise sensors usually are digital and do it yourself multi-function sound stage meter; atmospheric heat, humidity & strain sensor for dimension of air heat, relative humidity as well as barometric pressure;

Weather monitoring solutions: Programmed weather stations monitor real-time environmental adjustments and make corresponding warnings; meteorological sensors consist of wind sensors, rain sensors, etc; high efficient detection audio receivers mean a whole lot for hydrological checking, agriculture, etc .

Each in our merchandise is usually supplied with the matching service from design and style, manufacturing, tests, and shipment. Our own goods have passed typically the CE, ROHS qualification and made by higher technology. For the overview of the business & goods, booking internet site.

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