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Sangeetha Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. is usually South India’s major multi-brand retail string dealing in international and Indian styles of mobile handsets in addition to mobiles accessories.

Based in Bengaluru, the company has stores inside 6 states which include most of the districts in Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Founded by Mr Narayan Reddy within 1974 in Bangalore by selling gramophone records, we have travelled a long way over the particular last 43 yrs to be identifiable with mobile mobile phones. Today, we carry on that journey below the dynamic management of Mr Subhash Chandra, Managing Overseer.

Driven by a sturdy team of over 4000 passionate folks, we have greater than 650 stores in addition to counting across six states with the strong customer foundation of 30 million+ customers.

Owing to our innovative value-added providers, we have numerous firsts to our own credit. Way again in 1997, Sangeetha Mobiles was the particular first retailer to be able to sell a cellular phone handset with a bill. vivo v15 pro From giving insurance for cellular theft, physical in addition to liquid damage, grab and drop services of your mobile phone, we have got many such incredible offers for the clients.

At Sangeetha, we make sure you have more out of whatever you purchase at our retail store. We constantly make an attempt to guarantee you peace of mind with every buy is made.

We offer you various protection plans to our customers to safeguard their mobile phones from harm, theft and value drop. We likewise offer ‘Try and Buy’ option for clients who want in order to have the best just what they spend

Sangeetha’s ‘Damage Protection’ plan is to safeguard your phone from any physical damages. If your cell phone is damaged/broken, you will get a new phone from half the value within 30 times of purchase.

Sometimes you can? t resist buying the new arrivals that you like probably the most and buy it before anyone otherwise. But do you know what, the particular price of typically the phone drops within just a week. And you also regret. You really feel you might have waited with regard to some more time to be able to save those handful rupees. But hi, you can nevertheless have the difference amount. Just visit us all and redeem that within thirty days of purchase. Go ahead, make use of Sangeetha? PRICE DROP SECURITY?.

Regardless of how careful an individual are, inevitable items happen, your cell phone gets stolen, regarding instance. Isn? capital t it worrying? What happens if we protect your phone to lessen your worry? Right here? s Sangeetha? ROBBERY PROTECTION? using which often you can get a new phone in half the value. Just submit the necessary documents and take home a brand new phone.

You look for a cell phone, research about the features, compare typically the prices and finally determine buying your current favourite one. A new couple of days and nights go by and an individual feel unhappy. A person think you may have purchased a much better one. No problem. Just come to all of us and change this within 15 days and nights of purchase making use of Sangeetha? TRY and BUY?.

Welcome to SangeethaMobiles. possuindo Customer Service. We appreciate your partnership with Sangeetha and your satisfaction will be most important in order to us.

If you are seeking assist related to the products and VAS providers, our consolidated list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) is usually the easiest approach to resolve your concern. This will likely save a person the trouble associated with emailing or phoning us.

What are the documents in order to be uploaded to aid your theft declare?
Claim form
Backup of written law enforcement complaint
Theft declaration form
Police FIR
SIM blocking evidence
Specimen signature ID proof
Original bill
If SIM will be registered with some other than insured, after that customers are supposed to submit IDENTITY proof of the particular SIM owner along with relationship creating document as proof.

How is the claim processed?
Once typically the claim is submitted successfully, a affirmation screen is proven to the customer.
About successful submission, the customer will obtain a reference number which is may used for more communication.
Once typically the documents are acquired and verified, clients will receive a message of approval/rejection along with customer details.

Phrases & Conditions
An electronic mobile phone/tablet (excluding charger, battery upon stand-alone basis and all sorts of accessories) as confirmed by relevant evidence of purchase, provided that will it has legal IMEI (International Mobile Gear Identity) Identification / Serial Number and it is fixed and used along with a SIM Card(being a card or even medium carrying the Owners identity, use of which in association with the Gear and enables phone calls to be charged to the Owner’s account) issued to the Owner/Owner’s spouse/ Proprietors dependent children; from the time the master legally purchased the telephone for valid thing to consider and at the same time decided to become covered under the scheme of THEFT PROTECTION.

Particular Condition
In the instance of any kind of THEFT which might offer rise to the claim under typically the SWIFT THEFT PROTETION PLAN you should:
Notify Sangeetha mobile phones Pvt. Ltd. because soon as achievable [24 hours]
Provide all information in addition to documentary evidence with respect to the claim as Sangeetha Mobiles Pvt. Limited. may reasonably need, box & add-ons are mandatory.

Main Exclusion under FRAUD PROTECTION PLAN:
Willful act or willful neglect or major negligence from the client
Theft, when kept in two wheeler

Depreciation Rates:
The particular liability of the particular Company shall inside no case surpass 50% of typically the cost the phone
PROTECTION PLAN Extra: 1% of the Cost of the particular phone Subject to be able to Minimum of Rs. 250/- (Amount is going to be deducted in Declare Amount)
The state settlement in case of Total loss will be completed by Sangeetha Mobile Gift Voucher/Credit Take note
Maximum of one claim allowed beneath the program up in order to the limit associated with the 50% of the cost of the telephone during 365 day period through the time of invoice.

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